Wou-Wou Repost – March 2018

The 50 tracks that I’ve had on repeat throughout March 2018. Enjoy!



‘Pastimes’ is a collection of reworked and remastered instrumental tracks, written and released between 2013-2017.

Unlike some of my other releases, there was no theme or motive to make this music other than to play and experiment. And because of that, it’s very much an “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of listen to me. A soup of beats, rock, funk and found sound, with a sprinkling of electronica and a dash of cartoon. If that sounds tasty, grab a spoon and dig in… I guess.

Also available to own and stream from Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.


– Alex

Sunday Post

It’s been a pretty busy old week here at Wou HQ. On top of opening up my Etsy shop, I concluded last months ‘Tell Me What To Draw‘, and, of course, it snowed here in the UK, so plenty of fun was had with that.

Anyway enough weather-talk…

Comic & Zines

Throughout March I’ll be working on finishing off my comic book and zines. So expect to see a lot of character designs as well as the odd work-in-progress doodle on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page.

Recent character designs

As I loosely mentioned in last week’s post, the comic will be a summer release with a limited run of A5 prints. The zines will crop up every month or so as free PDFs to assemble yourself, or as readymade versions on my Etsy store.

More info on story, themes and inspirations to come in the coming weeks.

The Audio Bin II – SoundCloud Release

Not much to really say about this one what with this album being out on Bandcamp for just over a year now. But if you haven’t heard it, maybe SoundCloud is the perfect place to do it, especially with most of the artists featuring on it being SC veterans.

Links and artist credits can be found in the playlist description as well as the tracks themselves, so make your way over to SoundCloud if you’d like to find out more.

Repost Playlists

My ‘Wou-Wou Repost‘ playlists have been few and far between lately. I’m afraid it’s the usual story of not enough time in the week. So with this in mind, I’ve decided to start posting them every month instead of every week. This slight change of schedule will coincide with my ‘Digital Buffet‘ blog post which will also be making a comeback on a monthly basis, starting 31/03/18.

I know, I know, it’s a little way off yet, but sharing work from other artists has always been a big thing for me and I guess I’m just a bit excited to begin doing it again when the time comes around.

Other than my ‘Pastimes‘ album coming out Wednesday (mentioned here), that’s about it for this week.

Many thanks,





Well, it’s only taken me three and a half years to get it off the ground but my Etsy shop is now officially open!

‘Fool & The Gang’

I’ll be adding old and new illustrations every Wednesday. These will include originals along with prints and t-shirts being fulfilled by Printful. Ideally I’d do the printing myself but Printful seems a nice go-between until I get things off of the ground.

It’ll also be somewhere to get hold of my comic book and zines as soon as everything’s been tightened-up a bit. Maybe the odd cassette too. Watch this space.

Many thanks,

⁃ Alex

Sunday Post

It used to be quite common for me to do a weekly blog post way back when, but somewhere along the way it kind of ceased. I suppose it became tricky with me dipping in and out of creativity, not to mention the obligatory work/life commitments.

But now I’m back in the swing of things it feels right to get back into blogging, if only on a weekly basis. A quick summary of the week that’s gone as well nods to what I hope to achieve in the weeks ahead.

So without further ado here’s this week’s ‘Sunday Post’.


Setting up an Etsy shop has been a long time coming for me. So I’m pleased to say that the procrastination officially stops this Wednesday with the first few prints being listed in my store.

I’ll be adding old and new artwork on a weekly basis. These will mostly be prints but I have a few t-shirts in mind, and who knows, I might even get a few originals up there too.

Lemme know if there’s anything in my back catalogue that you’d like to see in the shop and I’ll see what I can do.

Snow, Stars and Public Transport – RMX

I’ve collaborated with Storm the Palace in various ways throughout the last few years, but this latest release has definitely been a highlight for me. The work and imagination that has gone into this rejigged version of their already extremely well-crafted ‘Snow, Stars and Public Transport’ is a glorious thing, and I’m very proud to have played my part.

The full is available here with the proceeds going Edinburgh Community Food.

Pastimes [LP]

Also on the topic of music, I’ll be making the jump to Spotify, iTunes and Amazon in the form of my new album ‘Pastimes’ (due 07/03/18). It’s a retrospective of my earlier instrumentals, including ‘King Skirmish’, ‘The Hopeless Aurelian’ and ‘Dirty Bomb’, as well as reworked versions of ‘Pixel Envy’ and many more.

‘Pastimes’ – Artwork

But fear ye not, I’m not abandoning SoundCloud or Bandcamp, as versions of the album will be making their way there too. I’m just spreading my wings a little is all.

Older works like my experimental ‘Memory of Origin’ and ‘Hold Tight, Please [EP]’ will be joining the release, and I have reworked versions of the first two Audio Bin albums coming up in the summer to compliment third Audio Bin album… but that’s getting ahead of myself.

Comic Book

For anyone wondering where the comic book that I was ranting on about toward the end of the year has disappeared to, I want to let you know that it’s very high on my list and I’m hoping that I’ll have more to share in the coming months.

Back Cover – Concept Art

Truth be told, I kinda burnt out around October/November last year. I was planning to move house, Christmas was around the corner and I didn’t really have much enthusiasm for much else other than Fallout 4 (what can I say, I was late the party).

But I have a heap of new ideas and a wealth of old ones to work off of, and I can’t wait get them on paper. I’ll be sharing all of my work-in-progress on social media so please hunt me out there if you’re at all interested in this or anything else I’ve mentioned above.

Happy thoughts,