MUSIC BY CHANCE – Rodent of Bronze/Ocean in the Sky [EP]



Digital Buffet #5

Please enjoy this week’s slightly spooky spread of music, film, art, games and general online curio. Pick at it at you’re leisure and feel free to leave the weird and wonderful things that you’ve come across in the comments below.

*in some cases links have been embedded in the images, so go on, give ’em a click…

DEAD AHEAD – Donal O’Keeffe



mantodea – nermond



Instart – Various Artists


From top left to bottom right @gabriellemarinart, @gigzyart, @jukkasuhonen, @la_la_petite_mort, @nilnooplin, @rebeccalongart, @saskiakeuris, @silasfield_ and @timotimotimo79.







Spotlight – S.Yamagishi



The Night That Speaks – Adam Gryu




BLACKFACTORY – Andreas Brüning



Creature Feature – Fat Pockets